About The Artist

C. 2014

New Zealand artist Peter Richardson has spent decades studying, practicing, and teaching traditional painting and drawing, and has married these expertise with a unique and fresh approach to digital art.

The artist’s hybrid mixed media process may begin as a traditional piece imported to a digital canvas, or as a digital piece that is then printed on physical canvas and added to with traditional mediums. Several pieces in this collection have gone through multiple permutations of traditional through digital treatment before arriving at their end point.

The moods and energies of the pieces in this collection entitled ‘Blurred Lines’ are as diverse as the mediums used. From frenetic colourful abstracts rendered in oils and then digitally manipulated, through subtle vast landscapes beginning as digital photography, recreated on canvas and reimported for a final digital treatment. Despite the diversity in mediums and subject matter, the artist’s style still manages to create a curious coherency.

In 2015 a world’s first ‘meta-showing’ of the artist’s work will be shown simultaneously in galleries around the world.